Our study groups and other community activities are held in Clintonville, Dublin, and the greater Columbus Ohio area. To attend, please contact us ahead to confirm schedule and meeting location.


  • CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL – 4:00 pm Sunday, December 17
    Includes a group study of The Four Seasons and The Archangels: “The Christmas Imagination” – a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner on October 6, 1923.


  • STUDY GROUP:  Christianity As Mystical Fact (Continued)
    (This book includes lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in Fall and Winter 1901-1901. Translation is by Andrew Welburn.)

PENDING: January 6th or 7th  @ 10:00am Saturday

January 20th @ 10:00am Saturday

February 3rd @ 10:00am Saturday

February 17th @ 10:00am Saturday

(Our annual community calendar is updated throughout the year.
Please feel free to email with questions.)