W e invite you to join us in our study and exploration of Anthroposophy – a spiritual scientific understanding of life based upon the work of Rudolf Steiner.

“More radiant than the sun, purer than the snow,
finer than the ether is the Self, the Spirit in my heart…”

Held in Clintonville, Dublin, and the greater area of Columbus OH, our community activities primarily consist of:

Regular Study Groups – Gatherings of individuals who come together (on a schedule set by each group) to read and discuss the teachings of Steiner and other Anthroposophists

Community Seasonal Festivals – Community celebrations of Easter/Spring Equinox, St. Johns/Summer Solstice, Michaelmas/Fall Equinox, and Christmas/Winter Solstice in light of Steiner’s “Calendar of the Soul”

Single Special Happenings – Single community events such as presentations by special guest speakers or artistic weekend workshops

For a list of our current activities, please check our community calendar!

Interested in a specific study topic related to spiritual science? Please contact us to let us know if there are related topics that you want to study. Our community members represent a diverse range of interests, and study groups continuously come together for special projects.